India’s first Cybertruck: A futuristic car for the 21st century

Indian state-run company Cybertrough has released its first electric vehicle.

The car, which was built on the technology of the Tesla Model S, has a range of up to 100km.

It is available in two versions: a fully electric version with a range up to 400km and an electric version which has a 100km range.

The electric version comes with the same powertrain as the Model S and the same engine, though its fuel economy is lower than the petrol-electric variant.

Cybertough’s vehicle has a total range of 3,000km, and can be leased for a further 3,500km after a six-month lease period.

Its petrol-powered version, which is available only in a 100kW version, can be charged via the same cable system, but is not allowed to be used at home.

The petrol-charged version costs ₹1,500 for a 1,500-km range, while the electric version is ₤1,400. 

In the car’s first commercial outing, it was driven by a team of engineers at the Tata Steel Engineering College in Mumbai.

The company plans to launch an all-electric version, dubbed the Cybertrick, in 2021.

The team has also developed an electric bike, called the V-Cycle, for Mumbai’s Metro.

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