Which NFL players were drafted on draft day?

On March 10, the league officially announced that the 2016 draft will be the first to take place in Los Angeles since the Rams moved to the L.A. Coliseum in 2011.

The Rams, along with the San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders, have been working for years to get their own new stadium built in the city, and now it appears they’ve got their wish.

In a statement issued after the draft, the Rams said, “The Rams and the LAC are excited to announce that the Los Angeles Coliseum will host the 2018 NFL Draft on March 9.”

The announcement was met with a flurry of buzz and fanfare, with many analysts predicting that the Rams will be a frontrunner to win the Super Bowl and a huge draw for the NBA in 2019.

However, a new poll conducted by Yahoo Sports shows that only a small fraction of Rams fans actually want the team to move.

Only 12 percent of those polled in the poll said that they would be interested in the team moving to L.C., while another 20 percent said they would not.

The poll also showed that only 10 percent of Rams’ fans said that the team should be allowed to remain in Los Gatos if the Rams leave, while a majority of those surveyed said that it should be illegal to move the team there.

The news has been met with much criticism and speculation, with some calling for the team’s future to be determined by whether it can be rebranded as the Los Ingobernables.