Valorant, a ‘supercharged’ digital subscription service, will launch this month in the UK

Valorants will go on sale in the United Kingdom this month and will cost £4.99 per month.

Valorants’ first two years will cost just under £10,000, with a year’s subscription costing £30.

The company, which is based in Dublin, is aiming to launch in the country’s capital in April and will offer more than 30,000 content titles.

It is a digital subscription that is more than just a pay-per-view, but instead focuses on offering premium content with premium features.

Valors’ CEO, Matt O’Sullivan, said it will be the first subscription service to deliver on its promise of delivering content and experiences that are exclusive to the digital platform, and will be a service that is easy to use and can be easily purchased from the digital store.

Valora and its founder, Ryan McLeod, said they had decided to launch Valorantly in the US after being contacted by a number of publishers in the industry. 

“We wanted to bring a service to the market in the States to provide a platform for our industry, and it is fantastic to see that the world has responded to our vision of bringing Valorantes content to our consumers,” he said.

“Valorant is more affordable than the alternatives out there and the service is supercharged.

Its one of the most powerful platforms on the planet and its already proving to be a huge hit.” 

Valorantly said it would start offering its content in the U.S. in the coming months, including its hit series, “The Defenders” and the latest addition to its library, “Lights of Valor”.

“Valoran is a huge platform and we believe that Valorance is a unique and powerful platform to be able to provide the world’s best content,” McLeod said. 

The Irish Times has contacted Valoranta for comment.