How to count your electoral votes

A few months ago, a lot of us predicted a close election between Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders in New York, and now there’s a new analysis showing that the contest could be won by one candidate.

The study by Bloomberg shows that a winner could emerge from the two-party system by winning about 9.5 million votes, or about two thirds of the total.

Sanders won about 3.7 million votes last year, but a few weeks ago, the Vermont senator’s campaign announced that he was dropping out of the race.

The new analysis shows that Trump could win by a narrow margin of about 2.8 million votes.

Sanders won 2.9 million, but it’s unclear whether he can win more than 1.4 million votes as well.

For its analysis, the research firm relied on publicly available vote tallies, which it says is more accurate than using publicly available primary dates.

The numbers show that the two candidates have about the same chance of winning.

Trump and Sanders could both lose their campaigns, but there’s little evidence that they could have lost each other.

If either candidate wins New York’s primary, he or she will face off against each other in a general election on March 19, 2020.

Trump, a Republican, is widely seen as a front-runner for the Republican nomination, but he hasn’t won the nomination.

He is running as a Republican for the White House.

Sanders, a Democrat, is running for the Democratic nomination for president, but she is running on a socialist platform.

She has a significant lead over Sanders in most polls, but the two have struggled to unite the left-wing party.