Why Comcast doesn’t care if you’ve paid your bill

The telecom giant has a major problem with the way it bills its customers.

In a recent op-ed, Comcast said it has to give customers more notice if they’ve paid their bill.

But the data cap isn’t one of them.

“We are seeing a spike in Comcast customers who are still in their contract,” Comcast CEO Brian Roberts wrote in the op-.

“Our data caps are still very much in place and we expect to continue to do so.”

He also noted that his company was still getting its data cap back in August, despite a data cap surge in September.

“We expect the data caps to be in place for at least the next few weeks.

This is just a reminder that we’re continuing to adjust our billing model to accommodate customers with high usage.”

The data cap issue has become a sticking point for Comcast customers.

Last week, the cable company began requiring that customers pay for data caps at the beginning of each month.

It then doubled the caps each month, starting in March.

At the time, Roberts blamed Comcast for making the change, saying, “The caps have always been higher than the monthly cost of a monthly Internet package, and we did not foresee a spike at the time.”

But customers have since complained that Comcast is charging them for data at a rate they aren’t getting from the cable provider.

On Monday, the company announced that it was canceling plans to begin charging its customers for data over the next two weeks.

“This change will be effective on October 15,” Comcast said in a statement.

The company’s data cap has also become a major issue for cable providers like Comcast.

“It is time to stop the ‘data cap,’ and we are canceling our contract,” the cable giant wrote in a blog post on Monday.

The cable company’s plan is to charge its customers “up to $15.00 per month for a 1GB of data, with an additional $10.00 for unlimited data, plus an additional 1GB for a $30.00 package, for a total of $50.00/month for a two-year contract,” it added.

Comcast is not alone in this plan.

AT&T and Verizon, both of which have a data caps that are similar to Comcast’s, also announced that they would start charging customers for unlimited, unlimited data in September, and they have been increasing data caps ever since.

But Comcast isn’t the only company that has an issue with its data caps.

AT+ and Verizon Wireless both have data caps of 30GB a month, according to the FCC, and it’s also true that some carriers have caps of 50GB.

Comcast’s caps aren’t the biggest, but they are still higher than those of most other carriers.