Why Netflix’s original movies will probably have the most success as they hit the streaming service in 2019

A bunch of Netflix original movies have already opened in theaters this year.

The company’s “Drama Queen,” starring Emma Watson, will open on March 7.

“American Honey,” starring Lily Tomlin, opens on March 14.

“Criminal Minds,” starring James Franco and Melissa Leo, will hit theaters on March 21.

The slate is impressive, but it’s just one piece of a slate that will soon be topped by Netflix’s other originals.

The streaming service is expecting to open more than 30 original series in 2019.

“Our strategy is to keep making original movies that we think will resonate and that people are going to want to watch,” Jeff Veith, Netflix’s chief content officer, said during an earnings call in March.

“We’re still making the movies, but we’re also making them in a way that they’re not just sitting on the shelf.

They’re being used by people to find a show or a movie to watch.”

Netflix is also introducing its first original series, “Gifted,” which premieres on March 22.

“Gilded” will follow a group of kids as they battle bullies and deal with their pasts.

Netflix is looking to add original content to its roster, too.

The service announced last week that it is expanding its original series library to feature more than 2,400 shows.

“Orange is the New Black” is set to premiere on March 10.

Netflix has yet to announce an opening date for “Gravity,” its new sci-fi series about astronauts and astronauts.

It is expected to debut sometime in the spring.

Netflix will also open its original movies on March 28.

“The Crown,” starring Benedict Cumberbatch, opens March 22 on HBO.

Netflix’s “Mozart in the Jungle,” starring Will Smith and Amy Adams, opens April 6 on HBO and is expected for a May premiere.

“Hannah Montana” and “Hands Across the Universe” will debut April 14 on Hulu and Netflix respectively.