How to avoid getting a $100,000 fine for missing your car’s inspection date

An Alabama woman was fined $100 for failing to turn in her car’s owner inspection report before the inspection date, even though she was in a wheelchair, a court document showed.

Darlene Taylor, 58, of Gadsden, was ordered to pay $50 for the violation on Monday after she refused to turn over the vehicle’s owner’s inspection report to the county court, which issued the citation.

Taylor said she did not have a disability and was not able to pay the fine.

“I can’t be a burden to my disability and to the other people that I’m supposed to help, I don’t understand why this happens,” Taylor said.

The citation was issued after a judge determined Taylor was not in compliance with Alabama law requiring a person to provide their vehicle’s inspection reports to the inspection department before the vehicle could be inspected.

The Alabama Department of Transportation and the Alabama Department for Motor Vehicles both said they could not comment on the matter.

Alabama’s law on disabled parking passes has long been criticized for unfairly targeting people with disabilities.

In 2011, lawmakers changed the law to include the driver and passenger in the disability category, but lawmakers still passed a measure that added the vehicle owner to the disability list.