‘I have no idea’: What will happen to a baby who doesn’t have a name?

The baby’s name is not yet known, but the mother told CBC News she is happy with the name, which is being called Lizzy.

The family has not yet heard from the baby’s parents, who are still in Canada, said Lizzy’s mother, Tracey Jones.

“I’ve been very lucky, the baby is a miracle, it’s the best name I’ve ever heard,” Jones said.

Jones said Lizzie was given to her by a close friend and is doing well.

“She was really close to her mom,” Jones added.

“They’ve been doing everything they could to make sure she had a name.”

Lizzies birth certificate was in good condition, and Jones said her mother would love to have a copy.

“We just want to know that she’s safe, she’s happy and we’ve been looking forward to this.”

Lizzy is the second child born to Lizz Jones and her husband, John, who have been in Canada for five years.

Their son, Jordan, was born last year.

Jones and John were able to obtain a Canadian passport in March.

“Jordan has been so amazing to us.

I don’t think we could have expected that,” Jones told CBC.

“He’s been so sweet.

He’s been the perfect boy.”