Azure Data Studio: Cloud Storage is in your future

Azure Data Studio, a cloud storage service from Azure, is in many ways a reflection of Azure’s long-term vision of a data-centric company, and one that is actively exploring the use of cloud services and APIs.

Today, Azure Data’s Cloud Storage Service is one of many cloud-based storage services being used to store and distribute data across Azure.

The service has already been deployed to customers’ data centers, and customers can access it using the Azure API and API keys, which are now available for developers.

Azure Data has a history of being open to new cloud technologies, as evidenced by its recently announced partnership with Google Cloud Storage to make it easier to store data in Google’s data centers.

The partnership will help Azure to scale its Cloud Storage infrastructure to handle the volume of traffic that Google Cloud has seen in the last few years.

The Cloud Storage service is a product of Azure Data Labs, which is part of the Azure group.

Azure is also one of the first companies to make cloud storage available for Windows Azure customers, and today the company released the first version of the product, called Azure Cloud Storage.

Azures Cloud Storage was developed in-house at Azure, which now has more than 300,000 engineers and developers.

Today’s announcement follows a series of announcements by Azure that have included the Cloud Storage feature on the Azure Platform.

Today marks the first time that a third party cloud storage platform is being integrated with the Azure platform.

Azure has also rolled out Azure Cloud Services to support the storage needs of other companies, including IBM and IBM Watson.

AzURE Data is one example of a new Azure product that is focused on making the storage infrastructure available to developers and customers alike.

It is an important milestone for Azure and one to keep an eye on as it makes the transition to the cloud.

For more information on Azure Cloud, visit, and follow us on Twitter at @AzureCloud.

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