When is Thanksgiving?

It’s Thanksgiving Day in the United States.

But in many other parts of the world, it’s also the busiest day of the year for people to go shopping, gather supplies for the holiday, eat dinner with friends and family and celebrate.

Here are some of the key takeaways:Why Thanksgiving Day?

In the US, the traditional day of Thanksgiving is usually celebrated on Thanksgiving Day, which falls on a Monday.

But it’s usually also observed on Thanksgiving in other parts in the world.

On Thanksgiving Day for many people, this is the day that they are most likely to go grocery shopping, as they usually shop in the early hours of the morning, which is usually before 7am.

However, the day also coincides with a number of special events and events.

This is especially true in the US: the holiday is a major part of the US Thanksgiving holiday tradition.

For example, in Australia, the holiday was celebrated on October 25, and is also known as Christmas Eve.

In Canada, the Christmas Eve holiday is celebrated on November 23, and it is also celebrated on the first Sunday in December.

In Canada, in the fall of 2018, the government launched the Holiday Season Program, which aims to promote the importance of the holiday in Canada.

According to the government, the program will help people celebrate the holiday with family and friends and will help bring more people together.

What do you need to know about the holidays?

There are plenty of celebrations for people on all the holidays.

But if you are a non-religious person who is looking for some spiritual guidance, the holidays are a great opportunity to spend time with family, reconnect with loved ones and reconnect with your spirituality.

Here’s a list of the holidays that are most popular in Canada:Christmas Eve in Canada, which marks the end of a long holiday, usually coincides with the National Day of Prayer on October 22.

For some people, it can be a great time to celebrate family, or to have a family gathering.

There are also celebrations around the world on Christmas Eve: the European Union (EU) celebrates the day on November 27, and Canada celebrates Christmas Day on December 24.

In some parts of South America, Christmas Day falls on the second Sunday in March.

On Christmas Day in many parts of Asia, the date falls on December 31.

And in some parts in Africa, the first Christmas Day of the calendar falls on March 1.

Christmas Day is also a popular time to visit relatives and friends, and the first day of school holidays are celebrated on Christmas Day.