Swingers Club is planning to open in Brisbane, says spokesperson

A Brisbane swinger club has announced it will open its first branch in the Queensland capital this week, in an attempt to help the city’s young and young-at-heart embrace the lifestyle.

The club, which has an address at 12 St Joseph’s Road, is being run by members of the new Brisbane chapter of the International Swingers’ Club.

“It’s a bit of a challenge for us, it’s really challenging,” club president, Jessica Brown, told the Courier Mail.

“You get the whole club that are on Facebook and they all get together and they just love the lifestyle and they know there’s a reason why.”

Ms Brown said the club would have a lounge, showers, gym and a sauna, as well as the ability to host weddings and events.

“We will have a bar, we will have food,” she said.

“The club will be doing things like DJs and DJs will be playing music.”

Ms Smith said the idea of a new branch came about because of a group of women who were unhappy with the state of Brisbane.

“They just didn’t like that it’s a small city and it’s not very young-friendly,” she told the ABC.

“I think there’s probably around a 10 per cent of Brisbaneans that are attracted to this lifestyle and the other 10 per per cent who are not.”

The new branch is the first in the city and will open in the first week of February.

Club members are welcome to attend any event in Brisbane on Wednesday nights, but they must be 18 or over.

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