Taxpayers Should Know That Their Wives May Be Cheating on Them

WASHINGTON (AP) — Taxpayers should know that their wives may be cheating on them.

That’s the advice of a top adviser to a federal tax agency.

It’s part of a wider effort by the IRS to improve its handling of divorce cases, which could help reduce the number of divorces that result in a hefty tax bill.

That includes the filing of divorce and the withholding of taxes owed.

The IRS says the best way to help reduce divorces is to keep records and make sure taxpayers are paying their fair share.

The IRS has been working on this problem for more than a decade.

It’s part.

It also is part of the effort to help ensure that taxpayers pay taxes on their earned income, such as wages and salaries.

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled last year that states can’t require women to file for divorce, which means women can file for divorces with their husbands even if their husbands don’t live at home.

The Supreme Court also struck down a separate rule that barred women from filing for divorce if their spouses aren’t physically present at the divorce.

The federal agency that oversees divorce cases has launched a program to help the agency help taxpayers better understand the divorce process.

The National Center for State Courts and the IRS are using a new tool to help taxpayers file for a divorce.

The tool will help taxpayers determine if they’re in the wrong.

The tool allows taxpayers to view a list of tax returns filed by their spouse and determine whether their spouse has made any tax-related errors.

It will also let taxpayers determine whether a tax-evasion penalty has been paid.

The idea is to help people understand what they are paying taxes on, how much they owe and when they owe it.

The tools are being used by the Internal Revenue Service, the U.N. refugee agency and the U

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