How to protect your data and protect yourself from Google’s data breach

Google has confirmed it has suffered a data breach that has exposed users’ names, email addresses, credit card details and other sensitive information.

The company has confirmed the breach, which has affected about 4 million Google+ users, has been traced to a “large scale” cyberattack.

The Google+ breach was discovered in October, and affected around 4 million users, the company said.

Google+ has always been secure, the search giant said, and it will work with the community to provide further security updates.

“We are committed to ensuring Google+ remains a secure and secure environment,” the company added.

“Our goal is to provide our community with the security that they deserve, and that includes taking the necessary steps to prevent attacks from occurring on our systems.

We have already patched some of the most common issues, including the Google+ vulnerability, but this is just the tip of the iceberg.”

The company said it has patched some other issues and the company’s own security team is “working around the clock to provide the community with more information about what has happened”.

The breach affects users of Google+ accounts which have been set up by Google employees, and was first reported by Buzzfeed.

Google has released a security advisory, which it says is not the result of a data leak, and is in line with Google’s general policy of releasing information “as soon as possible”.

It also said the breach did not affect the Google News app or the Google Drive app.

It also reiterated that the breach had no impact on Google+’s internal system or on other users’ accounts.

Google added that it has notified the US Department of Homeland Security and is working with the FBI to “provide the necessary information”.

“Google will continue to provide updates to users of its services,” the search company said in a statement.

Google is one of the largest social media companies in the world, and its services include Google+ , Google News , YouTube and Gmail.

The information stolen by the hackers is likely to be huge.

Google said it could not provide the name or contact details of the hackers who broke into its accounts, nor any other details.

The breach could affect up to 10 million users of Gmail accounts, and could also affect the number of people who use Google+ and other Google services.

Google confirmed the data breach, but declined to say whether the data had been used to log in to any of the accounts or if it had been leaked in any way.

Google’s social media team, including Google+ account owners, have been told they can check to see if they have been affected by the breach by going to, or by visiting

The US Secret Service is investigating the incident.

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