How to count down to the next FedEx truckers edge

With a new fleet of delivery trucks to be built in the next few weeks, FedEx plans to start counting down to FedEx Week 2018, the start of FedEx Week, when it will be able to begin to deliver to customers.

The FedEx Week program is a seasonal program designed to provide FedEx with an increased amount of truck deliveries, to help offset a reduction in business.

The goal is to get customers back to work, which is an important part of FedEx’s strategy of improving customer service.

The company says its fleet will be fully staffed by September 10, and the company will start making truck deliveries again, but deliveries won’t be fully operational until next year.

The company also announced it will hire 50 additional delivery drivers and will provide drivers with a free training program to help them become more efficient.

The news of the new hires comes after the company announced a big cut to its workforce, which it expects to shrink by 20 percent over the next year to 1,500 people.

In order to make up for the cuts, the company is adding workers to the fleet to help it increase its truck capacity.

The announcement comes just weeks after the Department of Labor said that the number of new jobs created for the year was down slightly to 4,931, and a report by the National Association of Home Builders said the number job openings in the U.S. was down by nearly 30 percent.