Wambawah: Wambah is going live with data mining and data integrity.

Posted November 19, 2018 07:03:00The Wambacode project aims to provide data miners with access to local and remote data from local and national government databases.

Data is stored in encrypted files and then extracted to create a database of national security and criminal history data.

The data is encrypted using strong encryption keys and stored in an encrypted database.

The project is based in Kenya and runs from 2019 to 2020.

The first data-mining dataset was extracted in 2019 and the data-analysis platform is currently running on Wambakonu in Kenya.

Wambakona is a community based organisation and has developed a robust, secure, and scalable platform to store and analyse government data.

The Wombakonun project is a national partnership between Wambawan, Wambasombe and Wambakhwa, which aims to build a national data security platform.

The consortium will work together with partners and local government authorities, to enable Wambaka data to be extracted from national and local databases.

The Wombarode project will allow Wambambakons data to continue to be analysed, analysed and shared across the country.

The partnership will use a cloud computing platform to process and analyze the data.

According to the World Economic Forum, Kenya is the fastest-growing country in Africa with about 1.2 million people and is expected to surpass Nigeria in the coming years.

The economy of Kenya is expected as the fourth largest in the world, growing by 2.5% annually.