Which of the new pope’s appointments could get you into trouble?

Pope Francis has chosen four men to replace five bishops who resigned in a scandal over sex abuse allegations.

The Vatican has already removed one bishop who was implicated in the scandal.

Pope Francis has already chosen four priests to replace four bishops who have resigned in the sex abuse scandal that has engulfed the Catholic Church.

The pontiff said on Friday that a new pope would be chosen in the next three years.

He said it was his “duty to choose a new president who will have an equally strong mandate for a responsible and responsible government”.

“I want a pope who will not be afraid to take decisive decisions, who will always have the power to defend the truth,” he said.

“A pope who knows the truth, a pope with a moral compass, a man of the Gospel, who can be trusted to act according to the moral principle of love, to act in the service of all.”

The Vatican, a church whose reputation has suffered in the wake of scandals involving abuse allegations, has said the pope’s decision to name four new bishops is the right thing to do.

The four candidates, who were confirmed on Friday, are Cardinal Jose Luis Gomez-Margallo, who was elected in March 2016 and replaced Bishop Carlo Maria ViganĂ², who resigned on Thursday; Cardinal George Pell, who served as archbishop of Rome from 2001-2007; Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio, who has been a cardinal since 2010; and Cardinal John Nienstedt.

“The new pope will be elected with the full support of the cardinals,” said Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi.

The Pope has made no secret of his desire to remove the current bishops.

In June, he asked cardinals to recommend the replacement of four bishops, but in an interview with the Italian news agency ANSA on Friday the pontiff refused to make any official announcement.

“No decision has been taken,” he told the news agency.

“There is no plan yet to appoint the new cardinal, because the cardinal leadership has already made it clear that they will not approve any such appointment.”

He also refused to confirm the names of another two cardinals.

On Friday, the Vatican announced that it had appointed three new cardinals, who have yet to be sworn in.

Cardinal Jose Miguel Gutierrez-Ramos, who replaced Bishop Marcelo Sanchez-Arce, will replace Bishop Sergio Gonzales-Duarte.

Cardinal Sergio Perez-Vargas will replace Cardinal Jose Mauricio Noguera, who retired on Thursday.

Cardinals’ decision to nominate a new Pope could be complicated by a possible change in the way the pope is chosen by the church hierarchy.

In February, Cardinal Carlo Maria Vitale, who had been the leader of the Catholic hierarchy since 2009, said he would be voting for Francis, who is already the leader.

The cardinals who are elected to the Vatican’s governing body, the Synod of Bishops, have no right to vote on the pope.

The current cardinals are appointed by Pope Francis.

Cardina Patricia Quinn, a cardinals’ rights activist, told Al Jazeera that there are already a number of candidates vying to succeed Cardinal Nogus.

“What they need is a strong candidate who is going to represent the church in a very serious way.

This election is a very important opportunity for us to find out who is the person who will be the person to represent our flock,” she said.

“It’s important that the pope appoint a man who will give us a true, real voice.”