How Jordan released its first official numbers on its first-ever Ebola case, January 28, 2018

A year after the coronavirus outbreak hit, Jordan released the first official statistics on the first Ebola case in its history.

According to Jordan’s Ministry of Health, the patient who tested positive on January 27 tested positive for the virus.

Jordan has recorded over 11,000 confirmed and probable cases of the virus in its last 14 months.

Jordan’s Health Ministry did not release any more details about the case.

It released a statement Friday saying that the patient tested positive after being admitted to a hospital on January 28.

The Ministry also released a second statement saying that a person who tested negative after being discharged from the hospital was “discharged due to lack of proper precautions and has been discharged.”

The Ministry also said that the person has been transferred to a private hospital in Jordan.

The Ministry did say that the hospital had been equipped to treat the patient, which the ministry says will help reduce the number of Ebola cases.

Jordan’s Ebola case rate in the country is the highest in West Africa, according to the World Health Organization.

Jordan currently has more than 5,000 Ebola cases and 1,828 deaths.