Bernie Sanders supporters rally in Brooklyn on D-Day to honor WWII veterans

NEW YORK — Bernie Sanders backers rallied on Saturday in Brooklyn, New York, to honor the men and women who fought in World War II.

The crowd of nearly 1,000 gathered at the Brooklyn Museum, the Brooklyn Historical Society, the Queens Museum and the Queens Park Community Center.

About 1,500 people turned out for the rally, according to organizers.

“We are here to honor and celebrate those who fought, died and were never forgotten.

These are the heroes who fought and died for us.

They gave their lives for this country.

They are our heroes,” the group said on its website.

Sanders, who is in the Democratic presidential primary, has been campaigning in the state, where he leads in delegates.

The Vermont senator has been fighting to keep the Vermont Senate seat that Democrats held until it was handed to him in November.

Sanders’ supporters are planning to march to the Brooklyn Borough Hall to pay tribute to the WWII veterans.

In the last few weeks, Sanders has spoken about his belief that the United States should return to its “war-hero” days, and has called for more troops to be deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The United States has been at war for nearly five years with the Taliban and other terrorist groups.

More than 4,000 troops are serving in Afghanistan, according the Defense Department.