How long will I have to wait before I can buy a new PC?

It’s a question you’ll probably have heard before: How long should you wait before buying a new computer? 

If you’ve ever wondered whether buying a brand new computer is the right move for you, you’re in luck: new PC sales are soaring in the US.

The latest figures from comScore show that the number of new PC purchases jumped to nearly 2 million in March.

In total, the average price of a new laptop or desktop PC has climbed from $1,000 to $2,500, which is an 8.5% increase in just a year. 

The US’s tech industry is also seeing a lot of growth in the first quarter of 2018.

The market for PC parts rose from about 1.3 million units in March 2018 to about 2.1 million units the same quarter this year.

As for new gaming hardware, Comscore said that new consoles sales jumped by more than 100% in the quarter. 

If all of this is exciting news for you and your new purchase, here are a few things to keep in mind. 


PC sales aren’t just for the young: the average age of a PC owner is between 25 and 29.

The median age of PC owners is 40.

The average age at which a buyer purchases a new Mac is now 40, while the median age for a buyer buying a PC is still in its late teens. 


The PC market is shrinking: the market for PCs is shrinking by around 30%. 


The demand for a PC isn’t going away anytime soon: in 2018, the PC market grew by over 1.2 million units, and Comscore says that the market will continue to grow in 2019. 


A computer’s lifespan is an incredibly important factor: it’s a valuable asset to a business.

According to Comscore, the life expectancy of PCs has increased by nearly 60% since 1999, and that number is expected to grow by another 10% over the next 15 years. 


Your PC is probably going to last longer than you think: Comscore’s figures show that, as of February 2018, there were over 1 billion PC systems in use worldwide. 


Computer prices are rising in the United States: PC sales in the USA are growing at an annual rate of around 2% per year.

That growth will continue into the future. 


If you don’t own a new gaming PC, you probably don’t need to worry: ComScore’s figures suggest that PC sales will continue growing in the future, with the market expected to hit a new high in 2019 with nearly 2.6 million new PC orders being shipped in the U.S. 8.

If your PC is worth $1 million or more, you can save $10,000 or more: Comforce estimates that the average purchase price of an Intel Core i5-8400U desktop PC is around $1.4 million.

That’s a huge savings for those who want a powerful, overclocked gaming PC. 9.

The US’s PC market isn’t just growing, it’s growing fast: Comsoft’s data shows that the US has the fastest growing market share of any major country in the world. 


Computer parts aren’t cheap in the states: The average retail price of computer parts in the country is $1 per unit, but in the last three years, that number has fallen by almost half to $7.50. 


Most of us aren’t spending $10k or more for a new device: Comstar’s research suggests that a good majority of people are spending between $500 and $2k for a brand-new computer, and there’s evidence that the price of the most popular desktop PCs is starting to drop. 


If the PC you’re buying is going to be more than just a PC, it probably won’t be as powerful as it used to be: Comsource says that desktop PCs are getting much more powerful and that the desktop market is growing at a slower rate than the desktop industry. 


The internet of things is going big: Comscore’s data suggests that the internet of Things is likely to be the fastest-growing market in the next five years.

Comstar predicts that the Internet of Things market is expected by 2019 to be worth more than $3 trillion, and it’s projected to reach $4.2 trillion by 2025. 


The next big PC trend is coming soon: While PC sales may have grown, comScore says that new PC shipments are likely to grow at an average annual rate in 2019 of 10.5%, which is slower than the previous quarter’s record pace. 


For more information on PC sales, check out this handy guide to buying a computer, or take a look at our guide to PC buying.

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