How ’emancipated’ people can apply for U.S. citizenship

On Monday, the Trump administration announced the “emancipsated” status of more than two million immigrants who were previously deemed ineligible for naturalization and could now apply for citizenship under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

The announcement came as the U.N. General Assembly in New York announced that it was working on a resolution condemning the Trump Administration’s “disgusting and inexcusable” decision to revoke their citizenship.

The resolution calls on President Trump to “reconsider his decision to deny the Dreamers’ citizenship and to restore their rights and legal status.”

DACA was signed by President Barack Obama in 2012, but has been extended only by Congress.

The Trump Administration announced Monday that “determined” individuals will be able to apply for permanent residency if they meet the requirements.

In January, the Obama administration released a study that found that 2.5 million immigrants in the country illegally were eligible for DACA.

“This study is the latest in a long line of research demonstrating the importance of addressing the root causes of the Dreamer crisis, including a lack of support from Congress and from the executive branch, as well as the lack of transparency in the immigration system, including in regard to who is receiving benefits, what benefits are available, and what benefits and restrictions exist,” the White House said in a statement.

The study concluded that the Obama Administration “failed to adequately address the root cause of the dreamer crisis.”

The Trump administration did not specify the number of people who would qualify for the program.

“We are pleased to announce that these individuals are now eligible for permanent resident status under DACA, which means that they can live and work in the United States, as they have long been able to do,” a spokesperson for the White, House said.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) said in December that about 2.6 million people in the U-60 age bracket had applied for DACA in 2017.

According to the DHS, DACA applicants have been granted a pathway to citizenship and have a legal right to remain in the USA.

Trump’s administration has said that the DACA program was “created to protect young people from the criminal gangs that threaten their lives, and to protect American citizens from dangerous criminal aliens who threaten to harm Americans.”

In January 2017, then-President-elect Donald Trump said that he would “take the DACA amnesty away from the Democrats, and give it to the people, who will be the greatest winners.”

A spokesperson for Trump said in January that Trump “has no plans to terminate DACA, and he is prepared to enforce the law to the fullest extent of the law.”

The President-elect also signed an executive order to extend the DACA waiver, and it remains on the president’s desk.

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