How to know when Apple will be profitable again

Apple earnings report will be released Wednesday.

It is expected to show the company’s sales and profit, which are forecast to fall slightly to a record low of $3.5 billion for the quarter.

The company has had some ups and downs in the last two years.

The iPhone 7 came out last fall, and analysts were skeptical about the phone’s chances of staying popular.

It didn’t.

But Apple’s revenue increased to $42.6 billion for a record year.

It has since expanded the iPhone lineup with new devices like the iPhone X.

Apple has been hit by many of the same problems in recent years, but it’s not just a case of the company having to do things differently.

Apple’s share price has fallen from $180 a share to $115 in less than three months.

And its market capitalization fell from $38 billion to $24 billion.

Apple shares have dropped by more than 40% over the last year, according to FactSet, while the Dow Jones Industrial Average has lost over 300 points.