When is Nike releasing the Nike+ 3?

5.49PM:The Nike+ shoes are finally on the market, and they look fantastic.

The shoes are available now from select retailers and retailers have already begun selling them.

You can read more about the Nike’s shoe offerings below. 

The NikePlus 3 is the Nike Plus model.

It will be available starting at 10AM PT on December 14th, the same day the NikePlus 2 was released.

The Nike Plus 3 features a new “Sneaker” colorway for the sneaker, as well as a new design for the upper and heel of the shoe.

The NikePlus3 is available now on Nike.com for $120.

The Adidas Originals Nike+ 4 is also on sale for $110, but you can’t get it in stores right now. 

You can also pick up the Nike+.

The Nike+ model will be released on January 15th, with the Nikeplus3 and the Adidas Origins Nike+ 2 coming in February.

You can see more photos and images of the Nike+, and the Nike 3, below.