NHL’s Babcock and Brouwer: What the NHL’s moms day means for dads today

It’s the day of the mom, but not for dads, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman said Tuesday.

It’s an occasion that fathers can take their kids on for the day.

Bettman made the announcement as part of an event that included members of the National Hockey League and the United States Hockey League.

“Today’s momsday is a great day for moms, and for dads to celebrate with their kids, too,” Bettman, the NHL commissioner, said in a statement.

“We all know how hard it is for dads and their kids to get along, and today, the game of hockey will provide an opportunity to build bridges and celebrate what’s best in our families.”

Bettmann’s comments came after a day of festivities for moms and dads in New York City.

Moms Day is the day moms take their children for a walk.

The day is also a day when fathers are encouraged to celebrate their families with their daughters.

The festivities, which take place on Monday in Manhattan, are often a family affair, with a big dinner, a special day of family outings and a walk to the rink.

In addition to the games and activities, the day also offers a chance for parents to meet other dads, who will give special gifts to moms and their daughters and share some stories about the day and their families.

“I think today’s moms Day is really special,” said David Mott, a retired New York State Assemblyman and longtime mom.

“It’s just a chance to give each other, as dads, an opportunity and a little bit of recognition.”