How to find a Snowflake with an Origin date: The sun is a bit more complicated than we thought

Share this article Share The sun has long been a source of mystery and controversy.A lot of people don’t believe it’s really there, and some even go so far as to suggest that it’s not even there.But is there actually a real Sun that actually comes into being at a certain date, and how can […]

Why are some scientists less likely to talk to the media?

A new study suggests that when it comes to how journalists talk to them, some scientists are more likely to be seen as being less credible than others.The paper is published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science.“We’re trying to find the reason why, and it’s really fascinating,” says co-author Paul […]

How Jordan released its first official numbers on its first-ever Ebola case, January 28, 2018

A year after the coronavirus outbreak hit, Jordan released the first official statistics on the first Ebola case in its history.According to Jordan’s Ministry of Health, the patient who tested positive on January 27 tested positive for the virus.Jordan has recorded over 11,000 confirmed and probable cases of the virus in its last 14 months.Jordan’s […]

How to use the new data science tools to identify trends and improve your business

Five years ago, the best data science was to use a data scientist to write the story of the data and to get the right results, say some data scientists.Today, the data science industry is fragmented into many different companies with different business models.These different companies have different goals for how they build, analyze and […]