NHL’s Babcock and Brouwer: What the NHL’s moms day means for dads today

It’s the day of the mom, but not for dads, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman said Tuesday.It’s an occasion that fathers can take their kids on for the day.Bettman made the announcement as part of an event that included members of the National Hockey League and the United States Hockey League.“Today’s momsday is a great day […]

When will the ‘Gemini date’ happen?

The latest financial data from the Greek Government is a little confusing.We know that Greece will default on its debt on August 20th.But why would that happen?That’s because Greece is not officially in default.And this is not a Greek debt default.Greece has a $1.5 trillion debt owed to the IMF, the European Union, the International […]

New Mexico’s Zodiac Dates are the most important thing you need to know

ZODIACS DATES NEW MEXICO — The Zodiac dates are the best source of information for New Mexico residents.New Mexico state records show that between 1880 and 1900, the Zodiac struck three states in four months and caused a total of 546 deaths.These dates are unique to New Mexico and they’re often listed on websites such […]

Israel to launch air raid on Syria’s border to stop Damascus missile attacks

Israel will launch air raids on Syria in an effort to halt its alleged use of chemical weapons in an apparent violation of a cease-fire deal signed between Damascus and the West.The attack comes amid a worsening humanitarian crisis in Syria, where at least 6,300 people have been killed since March.More than 1.7 million people […]

How to read the new year with the valhall release dates

The sport bible is here to help you choose the perfect New Year’s Eve party and get the most out of the New Year in 2018.The 2018 New Year is here. The 2017 New Year was the most successful year ever. Valhall’s new Year of the Goat will be a celebration of everything goat.Valhall goats will have […]

How the iPhone X will make you feel: How it differs from the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

Apple’s latest iPhone is a bit of a departure from its predecessor.The biggest change, in terms of what Apple’s marketing has called “the iPhone Experience,” is the new, more streamlined design.The company has been emphasizing that this is a phone designed for people who love music and movies and the outdoors.It also promises a phone […]

The best cancer signs and date nights to watch this holiday season

In January 2017, President Donald Trump tweeted that cancer has spread to all the major U.S. cities.Now, the Trump administration has begun to crack down on the spread of the disease in a new executive order.The order is a huge step in the right direction for the country.But many are concerned about how it will […]